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About NCBN

So what made this ordinary man such a great leader?

Was he born with it? Did he learn it?

Why would people, literally follow him.

How did he earn the respect and loyalty of followers to admirals; from security guards to CEO’s; from Indian PM to American President?

You only had to support him once to know he was special.

Even those who disagreed with him recognized that, but what was it about him?

However, I do know some of the things he did. These are the things that can help all of us be a little more of a leader.

He encouraged people to think, to innovate, and to be creative in every task

He did his homework, before starting a new scheme/policy, he always tried to find out what others had tried that had succeeded or failed.

He researched the obstacles and opponents.

NCBN charisma is based on his work he had done for Andhra Pradesh, the accountability, the transparency and the willingness to work hard, got that extra mile for formulating AP and the welfare of its people.

Policies & Schemes like
‘Janmabhoomi’ (Motherland), a project that invites people participation in developing the state.

This process has evolved out of the experience gained through the implementation of Prajala Vaddaku Paalana (taking administration to the door steps of the people) launched in November 1995 and Sramadanam (contribution of labour) launched in January, 1996.

It aims at establishing an ideal society, which embodies and cherishes the principles of people's participation.. The goal is, an enhanced quality of life for every man, woman and child in the State.

Yes, he earned the ire of employees for making their backs bend, but he has done this for the future of Andhra Pradesh.

He was instrumental in creating DWCRA (Development of Women & Children in Rural Areas) groups whose mission is to provide social and economic infrastructure to the women of Andhra Pradesh.

He tried to give himself the best chance of winning by learning as much as he could at the beginning.

He was always learning and always thinking.

Following his diverse initiatives, there was a complete turnaround in the State’s economic performance. Developmental activities were on in every sector, every region and every sphere of activity. The State zoomed past the development threshold.

He led by example. He pushed his people hard. He demanded a lot from them.
But no one ever worked harder than the way he did.

He demanded excellence, not perfection. He expected you to work as hard as he did and to be as committed to the goal as he was.

He took care of his people. He knew everyone who worked for him as an individual. He knew their strengths and weaknesses, their aspirations, their fears.

He always took the criticism from outside the group, but let each of them take the praise for what they contributed.

He will be the leader forever whether he is On role / Off role.

Let’s support him to brighten our future.

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